MT300N-V2 - connect to openvpn on startup?

I have a PIA subscription and it works fine with this device.

However, I seem to have to connect to the MT300 web interface and force the openvpn to connect. When I arrive at a location and plug in and turn on the MT300 the VPN does not connect automatically.

What am I missing?

What does it show on OpenVPN status filed? Do you use the latest firmware?

Is the “location” saved? If not, then surely this behavior is normal. You cannot connect to the VPN because you need to connect to the network first.

The router need to connect to the Internet before it can connect to vpn.

I think your network was not connected.

I think alzhao is correct, the procedure needs to be connect network cable to known good port first then power up router.

I think you are correct!