Mt300n-v2 firmware 3.011

Hello, can I get a recommendation for setting the wireless tx power? Coverage within 5m is good enough

Other topic, the new ‘testing’ v3 firmware for the mango makes a big difference, much easier to use than v2

Keep the default is good.

v3.0 firmware is released, you can upgrade it.

ok, default = max lol,

i was just thinking if I can reduce the power to save power/less heat

on the QOS, i think having a master control for system wide upload/download limit (maybe more meaningful for other gl mifi routers such as x750) may be useful compared to individual client control

Mango running wisp and vpn

On DNS o TLS (cloud flare),

When it is enabled, it takes over the vpn’s DNS (with adblocking)
When it’s disabled, there is no DoT before connected to VPN

Is it possible to make it DoT(cloud flare) when not connected to VPN, and follow VPN DNS when connected to VPN?

This is difficult. If you have to do this you need to use some script. I don’t think we will put such behaviour configurable in the UI recently. It is too complicated.

About TX power, you can set txpower to 0 so that the distance is minimised.

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Thanks, I didn’t know the complexities

Maybe add another button to turn on/off DoT xD