MT300N-V2 Firmware Issues

I bought the MT300n-V2 and AR300M. Main reason for purchase is to use as a repeater with VPN. VPN performance on the MT300N-v2 was 10mbps/10mbps, AR300M was 11mbps/11mbps. I prefer the MT300n-V2 for the price and the AR300M has features I would not use at the moment. However my main issue is with the MT300N-V2. It constantly drops wifi when connected and has OpenVPN issues that the AR300M does not seem to have. I did a factory reset on both and configured both in my test environment (tried channels 1,6,11). The AR works fine for the most part in repeater mode and OpenVPN. The MT will regularly drop out wifi when attempting to configure, when searching for wifi it will spin as if it is trying to find networks and about 20% of the time will it populate available networks. Usually it hangs when trying to populate networks and will when I refresh the page or attempt to change menu, no matter what I select, the wifi repeater menu comes up in its last hung state.

The few times I was able to connect to a network, when enabling OpenVPN (I use Private Internet Access) I get various MTU errors and causes disconnects that do not happen with the AR. I am using the same exact OpenVPN file.

Are these known issues? I would like to keep the MT300N-V2 over the AR300M but the issues with the MT and the unjustified higher price point of the AR300M is making it difficult to keep either…

I RMAed both to Amazon and got replacements. I can confirm that the latest firmware update breaks OpenVPN and causes problems with the wifi functionality. I am using the stock firmware that the routers were shipped with, OpenVPN has been connected for 12+ hours with no issue.

sorry for missing this. How are things working now?

this is also similar problem I experience with my MT-300A. Dropping connection while scanning.

repeater issue

Hopefully, your team will fix this issue.

Last update I had on the routers was having 2.264 I reverted back to 2.261 and all issues were resolved. I have yet to upgrade past 2.261 as everything is working fine on this firmware. I will try 2.27 and see if the issue was fixed.