MT300N-V2 Issue Firmware Update

Hi, after firmware update to v2.27 the router is not respond, not Wi-Fi not LAN. I try the reset button for 10 seconds, not flashing lights and two green light stay still.

Any solution?

Hi, I think you can try the reset button not only 10secs, but until the led light blinding very fast. This periods maybe more than 10 secs. Just try again.

If still not work, try to uboot for the router instructed as following doc:

Ok , this is it, when I power the router the first green light blink every 30 seconds endlessly. If I press the reset button for more than 30 seconds, the red light blink four times and then the second green light turn on, so the first and the second green lights stay still endlessly for hours, I can’t find a way to access to the WebUI, I can’t connect it via LAN nor Wi-Fi.

Have you tried uboot method?

Yes, I’m sorry for not to look at the documentation, I did the Overview - GL.iNet Docs and now the router is working amazingly. All issues resolved.

Thanks to @simonli and Email Support.


Same problem here. Still not working. I get to upload page and it gets stuck on UPDATE IN PROGRESS endlessly. The lights blink in different ways and looks like its working then both green lights turn on and red as well and stays that way. How can this be fixed?

I tried both these clean versions of firmware and even the tor all don’t work.

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Have your change the PC/Laptop ip address back to DHCP instead of

@mydjtl Maybe you’re wrong. It’s a clean firmware, not tor firmware. MT300N-V2 hasn’t tor.

i have the same problem. i already tried diferent firmwares vertion the this router by uboot but the update gets stuck and never reloads the webpage. i waited more that 30min, change the ethernet board to get ip automatic but the pc never gets and ip so i can’t acess the router by cable and wifi is off too

As in your another post the problem was fixed.

yes, i changed the power cable and now its ok. if i change again to the old cable the router keeps rebooting and not getting ip or wifi