MT300N V2 (Mango) with OpenWRT 15.05 firmware


I have an MT-300N V2 and want to use the OpenWRT 15.05 Chaos Calmer firmware, is it possible if I flash it with the following firmware? : Index of /chaos_calmer/15.05/ramips/mt7628/

thank you

The 300N-v2 should not have support for 15.05, I don’t know if that would work.

Why would you want to use an over 5 years old release of OpenWrt? GL.inet uses the 18.06 branch for main release, and for most devices, we’re getting 19.07 soon (hopefully?).

I need to use dansguardian package and my last project was using GL-iNet 6416A and Chaos Calmer 15.05, I want to migrate that to MT-300N V2 since 616A was discontinued

And what programs/packages are you running that require such an old system?
If you will migrate might as well update the packages and requirements of your project as well.