MT300N-V2 OpenWRT 19.07 - stable wireless

Hi All,

I finally have stable wireless on OpenWRT 19.07 on the MT300N-V2, and looks like IP6 support.

My wireless becomes instable when it is used (only it seems in access point mode). If I download a bi file, say a LINUX DVD, it will not make the end of the download before the wireless vanishes from Windows and I have to reboot the box to get it back (actually if you get to luci, restarting the radio interface does the trick 9/10 times). For normal "not watching video or big downlaod its stable).

I concluded my WAN link can staturate the wireless, that cannot cope with its connection speed. In my case anytihng of 45Mbps on wireless kills it, so with a 120MBit Internet this happens quite quickly. My temporary work around, as speed for my use is not the primary importance is to traffic shape to the wifi. This seems to have done the trick.

My settings are
tc qdisc dev wlan0-1 root tbf rate 40mbit burst 30k latency 50ms

The wifi is more than comfortable at this rate, its not far off my average download.

So if stability and IP6 are your goals, consider the above.

Tried putting the Tc into rc.local, did not run , any ideas how I can make that command permanent between resets?


After rc.local executed, firewall may still have changes. So you can try have some delay, like

(sleep 5; tc qdisc ....) &

Or pls try to put your command in firewall.user

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Hello Alzhao,

Sleep 10 above the tc command in rc.local sorted out the tc.command execution. Thank you for the the clue.

I have @ 100mbits on the Wan, connected a 1git so the wireless gets flooded pretty quickly. My test use case (as if it can do this it cna do anything!), led me to set delay to 1ms, rate at 35mbit and bust slighlty lower than 1% utilsation at 144mbit connection. Fair number of drops but then we are trying to limit to 40% utilisation, and you can see the traiffc shaping kick in onthe traffic realtime, with occassional peak about 40mbit. Very stable though, can actually run PC (via wureless) and VoIP phones connected.

As I increase burst and/or rate, so there are more peaks into the 40mbit, and wifi crashes occur. Ramp up further increases the rate of crash.

tc add dev wlan0-1 root tbf rate 35mbit burst 12k latency 1ms

I need togo read the OpenWrt forums rules, and figure out how to feed this back to the driver developers. Try and help to the best of my limited ability to further inprove the wireless driver.

I just wanted to let anyone else over here, playing with Openwrt 19 know how to stabalise the wifi