MT300N-V2 repeater manager

A lot of users give us feedback and said the repeater manager of MT300N-V2 is slower than other models.

We rewrite the program and hope it works faster. Please put the files to your router and test. should be put in /usr/lib

gl_health should be put in /usr/bin to replace the old file

don’t forget to add execution right to gl_health.
chmod +x /usr/bin/gl_health
You need reboot the router and try.

Hi Alzhao,

I followed the instructions as you said and copied the files over to the proper directories via WinSCP. Then I SSH’d into the device and copy and pasted the command “<span style=“color: #222222; font-family: monospace, serif; font-size: 14.6667px;”>chmod +x /usr/bin/gl_health” and hit enter (not sure if I did that part correctly - it didn’t really show anything happened and I tried it twice). I rebooted the device and tested download speed via WISP connection to access point. I’m still only getting between .5-1Mbps. I rebooted the device again and tested again but download speeds are still the same.</span>

Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately…it’s not helping for me :frowning:

It is repeater manager which auto connect you to available SSIDs, but not improve the repeater speed.