MT300N v2 repeater mode slow throughput


I came across GL travel routers recently and I am very impressed by what they can do. I immediately bought the MT300N v2 (mango) to test it out. I chose mango for it’s portability and the extremely low power consumption which is very important for travel.

After a week of testing, I am very happy with the product except 2 aspects.

  1. when I am using mango in repeater mode, the Internet throughput is very slow (~20-30Mbps) although that is still sufficient for most use cases.
  2. mango takes a bit long (2-3 minutes) to reboot for configuration changes, which I can live with.

I would like to know if the slow throughput is due to the fact that mango works on a single 2.4GHz WiFi band? If so, will this be solved if I get a dual band device such as AR750?

I really love the function of mango and I am promoting it to my friends. :slight_smile:


The repeater speed is fine for a 2.4G router. When you using repeater on 5G wifi using AR750 or AR750s, it will be much faster.

Boot speed should be 1 minutes. If it takes too long, pls check if the LED goes dark during booting. Just to make sure the power adapter is good so that the router does not reboot due to power supply.