Mt300n-v2 standard firmware blocking another Mt300n-v2 with TOR firmware


I have Mt300n-v2 router with standard latest firmware and i’m using it as default router at home. Now i want to connect another Mt300n-v2 router with latest TOR firmware, but it stucks while connecting to TOR (usually at 5%).

When i try to connect TOR router directly or from another router (linksys) with DHCP, it works exactly like it should.

Is it possible, that by default Mt300n-v2 firmware is blocking TOR ports and this is a reason why it does not work?

P.S. When i’m connected to TOR router, i cant access internet even when i’m not in TOR mode (Only if connected to another Mt300n-v2).

Thanks a lot for your time.

have you changed to IP address to different subnet?

For example, the first router is and the 2nd router should be or something.

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Thanks alzhao for replay. I will try this evening.

Hi, alzhao. I tried to change IP for second router, but it didn’t help. Any other suggestions?

There are my TOR router system logs. Maybe it will help?

Sorry. My mistake. You where right. That was a problem.

Problem is fixed :). Thank you a lot