MT300N-V2 vs MT300M, why would I want the M version?

Debating between these two models but don’t know which one to get. Specifically I’m looking for a hotel travel router, and when I’m not traveling using this in client mode to provide a wired connection to a ham radio DMR hotspot. Don’t plan on using VPN

For this use would the MT300N-V2 suit my needs?

If my work’s wifi doesn’t allow routers to connect, does this fact change the choice of model to buy?


I think you mean MT300N-V2 vs AR300M.

The main difference is that first one is MTK chip and AR300M is Qualcomm chip and has 128MB nand flash.

For your applications they should be same.

Thanks, placed an order for the V2.

Returning the -V2 due to bugs. The non V2 works much better.

Can you specify the bugs?

Main reason is

  • the -V2 does not autoconnect to another saved wifi entry in repeater mode when the current one goes away. Even power cycling the -V2 does not result in it making a connection to the other stored wifi entry. This was tested by setting up 2 wifi repeater entries. Both show up in the 'Saved Stations' menu. I connect to my cellphone hotspot connection. From a laptop connected to the MT300N-V2, I open a command prompt and ping a destination on the web and it is successful. I then turn off my cell phone's hotspot. Laptop confirms I can no longer ping a website. Even 5 minutes later I still cannot ping the web. Power cycling the MT300N-V2 does not help, still no connection to the home wifi. I can only get a connection to the home wifi if I log into the MT300N-V2, go to the 'saved stations' page and click connect on the line that is my home wifi.
The other bugs - which I just verified again happen (after today I can no longer do testing as I am returning this product)
  • Menus do not update automatically with connection information. I just made a new repeater connection to another wifi network in my house and clicked 'submit'. I was then taken to the internet status screen and it is just sitting there with the text 'connecting to the internet' but the laptop confirms I now have internet access. Next to the globe symbol under Settings, there is no connection shown. If I move between menus then the data shown will update.
  • Under the 'Saved Stations' menu, when I click on 'connect' next to a saved station, a spinning circle will show that something is going on but it will keep doing this forever. For example, I turned on my cell phone's hotspot, then went to the saved stations menus and clicked connect for the line that has my cell phone. The 'Saved Stations' window is still open and spinning but my phone shows a connection has been made, and my laptop confirms there is a connection. When I manually close that menu, I am dropped back into the internet status screen and all the entries there still show the home wifi information, not the cellphone information. The information next to the globe under SETTINGS also still shows the home wifi settings, not the cellphone information. Clicking around to other menus then going back to the internet settings, the data is now updated.
  • Advanced - Network-Wireless error of "The libiwinfo-lua package is not installed. You must install this component for workng wireless configuration!". From that screen if I click on 'edit' for my Wifi adapter, the next screen has a lot of options greyed out. I cannot set mode, channel, band or width.
  • BSSID in the advanced-network-wireless section doesn't appear to be working. In fact just now I entered a new station to my list of save stations and connected to it. I then went into the advanced wireless section and I see that the BSSID information was already pre-filled out with the BSSID information from a different wifi network that was saved. At work the MT300N-V2 was connecting to the wrong AP even though BSSID was filled in. (work's network is single SSID, multiple BSSID)

Can confirm that I’m also seeing the error #3 in advanced mode.

Another issue I’m currently having with the v2 in the hotel I’m at is this: I’m connecting to the hotel open wifi access point via WISP mode. it connects as a client and repeats my separate SSID network that I can connect to. However, connection speed seems to be very slow. Download tests hover between .5-1Mbps but the hotel offers 5Mbps down. I’ve tested 3 other clients (phone, tablet, laptop) and they are all getting the same speeds. Then tested each of the 3 by connecting directly to the hotel AP and I’m getting the full 5 down.

Not sure what is going on…I even plugged in an ethernet cable from the router to my laptop (router still connected to AP via WISP) and still only got .5Mbps. Is it possible the hotel AP doesn’t like the Mango and is limiting speed? Or maybe it has something to do with some of the bugs listed above?

I can confirm I purchased the MT300N-V2 a few days ago and through my testing I am experience every single problem listed by @AlpineJoe


On the latest firmware too.


Purchased the AR300 with it also (to test the increased VPN speed, AR300 gets 11-12, MT300N-V2 gets 10), AR300 also suffers from very similar problems, not worth the higher price. Keeping the MT300N-V2 if I even keep either of them. Is there an update on fixing these issues?