MT300N-V2 WiFi hotspot + client at the same time

Hello everyone, I’m new to the community and I’m looking for an information that I can’t find:
in my ideal setup, the MT300N-V2 should connect to a wifi router (wifi ssid: HomeWifi, subnet 192.168.1.x), and repeat it to its wifi hotspot (wifi ssid: MangoWifi, subnet 192.168.1.x) and to its LAN port (same subnet, 192.168.1.x).
Do you think it’s possible to achieve such configuration?
I’m not scared by ssh, bash scripts and linux file editing, if guided :slight_smile:

If not possible, my second choice setup would be a two-configurations setup, switchable via the side switch:

  • Configuration “left”:
    wifi client, connecting to HomeWifi (subnet 192.168.1.x) bridging such subnet to the LAN port

  • Configuration “right”:
    wifi hotspot, generating MangoWifi (subnet 192.168.1.x) bridging such subnet to the LAN port


2nd choice definitely possible. I tried your first choice some time in past, and had quite some issues with it, which is understandable, as the radio has to switch from AP to STATION back and forth.
My suggestion: Setup your second choice first. When satisfactory, give the first one a try.