MT300N-V2 Wireguard server problem

I’m trying to set up a Wireguard server in a new location on my MT300N-V2. It indicates that it’s active. I’ve set up a Wireguard client on my iPhone using the QR code and that too shows as active on my phone. However it won’t connect.

I’ve tried connecting my Mango to my router by ethernet (tried both the WAN port and the LAN port) and also by WiFi as a repeater. Have I missed something obvious? It’s on version 3.201.

Did you forward the port of the wireguard server on whatever gateway device manages the network? Did you make sure the port forwarding is UDP and not TCP? (Most firewalls default to TCP when creating port forwarding rules/NAT rules)

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Well, I have now, and I used UDP as you suggest. Still no connection, but I’ll keep digging.

It’s now working! Thank you undyingshadow. Your post forced me to look at my entire network, disconnecting and rebooting everything one by one. It was my pi-hole that was blocking my incoming VPN traffic. Now all I need to do is to find out how to whitelist it.

Edit: That was easy. All I did was to edit the Wireguard configuration on my iPhone and replace the DNS server address that the Mango gave me with the Pi-hole’s local IP address. Now the two work perfectly together.

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