MT300N-v2 with external aerial(s)?

Is it possible to get the new MT300N-v2 router with the option of external aerials? Or, is it possible to retrofit external aerials to an MT300N-v2 that was originally supplied with internal aerials?


We are not producing external antenna version of MT300N-V2

If you have hardware skills you can modify the hardware. You need to detach the internal PCB antenna.

HI alzhao,

External antenna jack(s) and the antennas would be a nice option or enhancement.

I would like to attempt to add an external antenna, but I must admit I’m not sure what adjustments I need to make to detach the internal antenna. Is it just a case of cutting the connection of the smd connector to the internal antenna or do I have to cut or desolder a component (like an inductor) somewhere?