I built a custom image from openwrt-trunk, using default WiFi driver (MT76). However, I experience lot of WiFi-disconnects. Is this still a standard “feature” ?
Just want to verify, whether it might be a speciality of my image, or usual behaviour.

I think the opensource driver still doesn’t work well. But it is usable, should not disconnect so often.

Pls use our imagebuilder to build firmware with MTK driver.

I also used your imagebuilder, but no mayor difference.
As I have a customized image, targeted to a commercial product, I generated equivalent image on my MT7620A-based router, and no problem there.
So I suspect some MT7628-special issues in the WiFi-driver.
Anyway, usage of a special image builder instead of official openwrt is a “no go” for a commercial product.

@Augustus_Meyer I don’t think that you use gl_image script to create image which is described in imagebuilder repo’s README.

You are correct, I did not use the script. Using MTK driver is not a real option, as it is closed software. Besides, for a commercial product, it would create another dependency upon a supplier, to do maintenance on that driver in case of new kernels.
And the MTK driver has a completely different way to be configured, which needs additional work for integration.
So will try AR150, which should work with official openwrt and be good enough to continue initial development. Final decision regarding our hardware platform is postponed.
I really appreciate your support in my issue. Thank you very much.

If you want to do some project which need to manipulate the wifi driver, pls use Atheros chips e.g. AR150, AR300M and AR750.

For example for wifi monitoring etc.