Mt300n wifi keeps reseting

hey i just purchased this router. I set it up with an ethernet cable, from my main router lan to the mt300n wan. mt300n is in dhcp mode. firmware version 2.25.

My problem is that the wifi just turns off after a few seconds to a few minutes (red light goes out, wifi connection drops). It comes back after a moment (red light comes back and I have to connect to the wifi again). Then the wifi drops again after a moment and so on.

The router stays on though, the green light never turns off.

I tried using WISP mode, with the same result. The wifi keeps turning off and on.

I tried running speedtest when I have wifi for a short moment. I get normal speeds up and down, but I usually can not finish the speed test, because the wifi turns off before.

edit: it seems that the wifi stays on for longer when I don’t load any webpages. so it might only turn off when surfing the web

Just noticed I am writing back to the future as it is around 8 PM time here near Chicago and you are some where’s past the date line in the pacific rim?

What type of power supply are you using for your device? Wall jack or PC?

The radio is probably the largest power consumer on the device or you have a maybe an issue with a bad radio.

You can watch it live using tail and logs if you want. SSH to the device and go to the log directory.

The tail command is: <span class=“st”>tail -f whatever file you want.

Cd /var/logs to see the log files.

Use this to see if you are having a hardware issue.




Yes, what is the power adapter you are using?

yes it was the power adapter. thank you petey and alzhao.

I cant believe I didn’t think of that, it was so obvious.

changed the power adapter and it’s working great now.