MT300NV2 Extended mode fails after a few power-offs

Love this little guy. Except…

I’ve config’d the MT300NV2 at least 10 times in a few months. Upgrade to firmware 3.105, config wireless AP, config bridge/extender mode, connect to extender AP. Connects multiples clients.

Power off.
Power on.
Config restores.
Fine all day.
Power off.
Next day.
Config restores.
Next day.
Clients connect
MT300 won’t connect to bridge/extender ap.

Factory reset.
Stay over.

Very frustrating when traveling.

Any workaround ideas or solutions?
Thank you in advance.

The configure should not restore.

You need to check if the flash is full. If flash is full then after reboot you may not be able to load the configures and looks like you need to start over.

If you just made simple configurations and config loss all the time, maybe need to get an exchange.

I can not see what is happening. Extender/bridge mode WON’T RECONNECT TO AP after a few power cycle, offs/ons. Can’t connect to UI to diagnose. Only can start over, switch mode, or reset.