Mt300nv2 printer server

Trying to use mt300nv2 as print server but need help.
Idea is to connect printer to usb of mt300nv2, then wirelessly connect mt300nv2 with my main router and thus making printer available on home network.
As i read that would be possible with p910nd daemon?
I successfully updated apps on mt300nv2 OpenWRT and installed apps needed for p910nd, set it up, but can’t figure out how to connect mt300nv2 to my main router for printserver functionality.
Tried WDS connection but it’s not working right. After i reset main router mt300nv2 wont reconnect automatically to main router.
Also need help to set up firewall (need to forward port 9100 to main router).
Any help appreciated.

I don’t know p910nd. I used cups to work as printer server.

Connect MT300N-V2 to your main router as a client. Do not need to use wds or extender.

Just open the printing service ports on your MT300N-V2 and you can print using the IP of MT300N-V2’s wan (or repeater) interface.

If you messed something wrong, pls reset the router by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds and start over.

Thanks for quick respond.
Well, you wrote logical things, but i’m going to need a bit more help to accomplish that.

How to connect wirelessly to main router as client? Via GLinet interface (i can only see options router, AP, repeater and WDS) or via Luci (there is no wireless tab under Network)?

Really need help to add port forwarding, tried via luci to add for port 9100 but without success.
When connected to mt300n via lan i successfully installed p910nd, luci-app-p910nd and kmod-usb-printer, connect printer to usb port of mt300n and check via ssh ls /dev/usb/lp* and printer is recognized as connected.
And i stuck there…
Thank you

Just set up as WISP


Opening a port on MT300N-V2

Thank you for help.
I successfully manage to create printserver via p910nd in two ways, first as WDS connection (there’s no need for port forwarding) and secondly as you suggested as WISP (with port forwarding as you described)…
I’m going to open new topic as I now need help to set up scan server, my printer is also a scanner (hp2130)…
Thank you once more…

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Hey guys!
I want to thank the two guys, who interacted on this thread. To be honest, I didn’t follow the path shown here, but I got some inspirations and clues. And the result was very easy for me.

I’ll share my path, maybe it can be useful to someone.

Printer server:

  1. I got the GL-MT300N-V2 (but I think can be anyone, which is compatible with OpenWRT),
  2. On the internet menu I clicked on “Scan” to find the SSID from my main router. Put the password of it,
  3. Install Luci or open it on the option “Advanced” on the menu;
  4. On the Luci interface, Install “p910nd” + usb & printer packages by p910nd,
  5. Connect the usb printer an “Reboot”. The print server is done.


  1. In your computer, open the “Printer Manager” (I don’t which OS you use… I use Linux ;),

  2. Install new printer,

  3. Scan the printer with the router Address on the network (normally,, or put directly the “IP”+“port” (socket://,

  4. Install the print driver,

  5. Done! Be happy with your 12-years-old “wireless” printer ;)).

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