MT3ooN-v2 setup cannot connect

I am trying to setup a connection with MT300N-V2 on a laptop away from home. I have disabled antivirus, firewalls and still when I go to 192.168.1, I get the following message:

Your Internet access is blocked
Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.

Checking the connection
Checking firewall and antivirus configurations
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

I appreciate any help thanks

(Maybe change the title of your thread so people looking for articles on the “MT300N-V2” can actually find this one?)

Interesting. No idea of what is this.

Are you using windows? Can you check what is your network IP address? Can you try a different browser?


I tried explorer and I am using windows 10. I am not sure how to check for the network address.

Please open a command window (you can search and run cmd) and run