MT6000 - Port Forwarding

Good morning. I opened port 443 so that I can reach the services on my NAS from the outside. However, I can’t reach anything, I always get the error This page could not be reached!
I connected the operator’s router to exclude that the operator itself placed limitations and instead I can access the NAS without problems. Am I missing something? Or do I have to package it and send it back to the sender?
The rule set is very simple:

Thanks in advance.

Since 443 is used by the firmware itself, could you please try to use a different port like 4443 - just for testing?

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Hi Admon and thanks as always.
I got to the bottom of it. Basically, I have a second router in cascade that I had placed in DMZ. For some reason unknown to me (it has always been so in the past under a Fritz 7590AX without any problem), with the MT6000 it caused me the following problem. In practice, if I pointed to any host on the NAS, I received an absurd response, that is, to the address I typed, for example. was added to the end of the same a port number which is the LAN only access port to the cascade router which I repeat was on the DMZ, showing me the login page! Immediately removed from the DMZ, everything works fine now. I checked the settings and I don’t think there was anything wrong although I can’t rule it out regardless. The other strange thing was that if I used yougetsignal to check whether the ports on my public IP were open, it told me they were closed. Removed from the DMZ, everything is perfectly fine and everything works great.

Glad to hear & thanks for the flowers :bouquet: