Mudi - boot server - slow http downloads from sdcard

I’ve managed to setup my mudi as a pxe server and the tftp boot file transfers are very slow but that’s understandable using tftp. Surprisingly though, I noticed when I attempted using ipxe http transfer it too was extremely slow and took about 2-3 minutes to load a 300mb file.

I was under the impression the ethernet connected to the mudi device was 1Gbps connection so the only thing I can think of is mabey openwrt is just slow reading from the sdcard and if so, is there mabey free space on the builtin MMC on the mudi (at least 1 gig) that I could use to place my boot files to speed up booting? When I look at the mounted file systems, I only see about 90mb free but I was hoping there may be some free space that just hasnt been partitioned that I could use but I’m just not that familer with Linux/opener enough to inquire free space. Does anyone else possibly know?


Mike Hancho

MUDI’s built-in flash is 128MB of nand.

Ya that won’t be enough for an iso or a win. Thanks again luochongjun