Mudi - boot server - slow http downloads from sdcard

I’ve managed to setup my mudi as a pxe server and the tftp boot file transfers are very slow but that’s understandable using tftp. Surprisingly though, I noticed when I attempted using ipxe http transfer it too was extremely slow and took about 2-3 minutes to load a 300mb file.

I was under the impression the ethernet connected to the mudi device was 1Gbps connection so the only thing I can think of is mabey openwrt is just slow reading from the sdcard and if so, is there mabey free space on the builtin MMC on the mudi (at least 1 gig) that I could use to place my boot files to speed up booting? When I look at the mounted file systems, I only see about 90mb free but I was hoping there may be some free space that just hasnt been partitioned that I could use but I’m just not that familer with Linux/opener enough to inquire free space. Does anyone else possibly know?


Mike Hancho

MUDI’s built-in flash is 128MB of nand.

Ya that won’t be enough for an iso or a win. Thanks again luochongjun

OK let me shed some light on this for you so you can understand the limitations. First off it isnt possible to increase your data transfer rates over ethernet by having GbE appliances and CAT6+ connection. You have only increased the diameter of the pipe. The source to sink is not multiplexed with a CDN where many streams or threads contribute to flow. There is also ways you could accelerate by hosting it on an actual server where it would be cached. That is why it is better to make target image as small as possible. The storage medium is actually the fastest possible. Flash storage. Which brings me to my next point. How and really Why would you try to use the appliance flash storage (which is your infrastructure) as the image to flash. Draw it out on paper to get a feel of how flawed that is. If you forced the flash you would have a good chance of hard bricking your router. I would reduce or eliminate mobile clients and desktop NICs on the network .devices that are connected other than Boot server and target … simply are noise and collisions over the network slowing or stalling communication… Be patient and expect less . :grin: then you will remain happy.