Mudi cellular plan question

Device: GL-E750 (MUDI) EP06-A
Location: US

Confused about which cellular plan is intended to work with this device.
t-mobile unlimited plan or the hotspot plan?
the tmobile person told me the unlimited plan may not work, or is that false?
or would i need to flash the device?


  • just a regular t-mobile voice line (w/ unlimited mobile data). no hotspot or data plans needed.
  • mostly false. the difference between “may” work and 'may not" work isn’t technical. it’s knowledge.
  • please don’t flash anything other than the auto-updates. it’s neither necessary nor wise.

The MUDI default firmware already contains all the firewall rules needed to make sure hotspot data is only counted as mobile data. It worked perfectly for me without any modification.

I nearly always use over 1 TB / month. From my own experience, my speeds with the MUDI using the factory-default configuration is generally around 65 Mbps down / 35 Mbps up.* YMMV.

*Bandwidth tested using iPad &; connected to MUDI via WiFi 802.11ac, 5 GHz; no VPN.


just set it up. youre right it works. are you using ethernet? because over wifi i’m getting 13 Mbps