Mudi E750 - Issues with WIFI channel switching from repeater to 4G

I have seen a strange behavior with mudi E750, that whenever repeater gets enabled and then switchback to cellular, the Wi-Fi doesn’t show up on my devices to connect. I have to use Lan/ to optimize the Wi-Fi settings to enable Wi-Fi again.

I found a temp. fix by using LAN/ to optimize the wi-fi settings but i cannot do this every time as its annoying me a lot.

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What’s your firmware version? Please export the log to help debug.

i’m running 3.215 which is the latest in stable. And please advise me what logs u need and how can i collect them to share with you. Thanks for replying.

use the command when the issue happens.

logread >/www/logread.txt 

Download it at
You can send me a private message.