Mudi E750 Time freezes

I see a weird behavior with recent stable version.

  1. Time doesn’t get updated on the LED and always show 00:00!
  2. saved time-zone stays intact but the time doesn’t get update which is causing disconnection with the cloud services

My time zone is GMT +3 and every time i need to access via. cloud need to first select a different time zone and then reselect my time zone get the proper time. It looks like the clock get crashed after some time which is not letting clock to continue working.

Is it just an abnormality in the time display?
I’ll troubleshoot the issue

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It’s not just the display. It also freezes on the router every time i need to fix the time zone to get it synced. So that connectivity stays up.

Does the device have internet access? I tested it and there was no problem

yes, it has internet access. Basically, I have OVPN connected with VPN policy domain/ip and I believe time synchronization is caused by VPN connected. I’m not sure but i just noticed it. logs from the device for your reference. (22.7 KB)

can you let me know what the domains/IPs are for NTP so that i can exclude it from the vpn. from my end i have already excluded all google domains and

Yes, openwrt22.03 sysntpd has always used VPN.

Then how i can fix the issue?

We are investigating, but the problem has not recurred yet

If you want i can simulate the issue for you on a remote session

We didn’t reproduce the issue. Could we start a remote session?