Mudi E750 with EP06, no carrier aggregation


Since I got my Mudi, I notice the LTE speed is a bit slow compared to my phone. On my phone which aggregate band 3 and 28, I get around 40 Mbps, whereas on the Mudi I only get 20 Mbps.

If I set band to 28 I get 15 Mbps, and on 3 around 20 Mbps.

If I use the AT command to query carrier aggregation info (AT+QCAINFO), it shows that no second cell is active, therefore carrier aggregation is not working.

Is there something to do to enable carrier aggregation ? Otherwise the EP06 has no utility over the standard one…


You’re using EP06-E?
Can you tell me about your band settings? Use the following AT command to query


Here is the result of your command
+QCFG: “band”,0x8d0,0x7e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ff000001a0880800d5,0x0


I’m in another place and it’s actually working now… With the carrier aggregation command returning the expected output.

Maybe I was in a place with low signal on one band…

Thanks for helping

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Your band is normal, and if you lock the band, it will affect normal carrier aggregation.