Mudi GL-E750 with EG25-G, facing slowness with 4G

I’m facing slow speed over openvpn on mudi like 2Mbps, but when i use the same sim and same location on a different router i get speed upto 7Mbps. Please guide me if i need to do more setting on SIM network selection.

Thanks in advance.

You can compare the band information that the device works with. On the E750, you can see this information by clicking cellsinfo on the UI page.

after i compare, how can i change it on E750 ?

we can try to lock the modem to the same band if the hardware supports it.

i’m using huawei E5770s travel router with custom firmware which supports openvpn ver 2.4.8.

i’m not sure what band it is using but i shows 4G and some times 3G and on both it gives like 7-10 Mbps.

just wondering why the 4G module doesn’t select the best among the available options to connect to the 4G tower to give good speed?

I think there are two possibilities:

  1. The band support of EG25-G is different from that of E5770S. The EG25-G may not support the working band of E5770S
  2. Signal reception of EG25-G in the current band is poor
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considering both possibilities then what will be the possible solutions for each?

please don’t say NO!!

just for your information i change the band to 3G on both huawei and Mudi. but its the same behavior. Huawei gives like 5 to 7 Mbps whereas Mudi gives us 3 Mbps or less.

Click cells info button on the page, you can see the cellular network information, and then share relevant information for further investigation.


Both Give same speeds like 2.5 Mbps

whereas the other router gives more than 5 Mbps on both 4G and 3G

It seems to be the poor quality of the signal.

if you say its poor signal, other router gives me 5+ Mbps bandwidth with the same location when it comes to 3G and 4G both. please help me.

the modem where i have good speed, has the following supported.


with 4G i get good speed on huawei modem. if you want we can have a joint session to check if you need more information.

can you please help me ?

@alzhao appreciate if you can check this please.

What is the model of the Huawei modem? Does it have an external LTE antenna?

its Huawei E5770S-923, no its a portable 4G router with no external LTE antennas.

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Hardware from each manufacturer is always different, and there are differences in antenna and hardware design for different channels. EG25-G supports global channels, and compared with modme optimized specifically for regions, the performance of a single frequency band or region is insufficient.

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hi @luochongjun, thanks for your reply and i totally understand the concern you have shared. anyways after I reflash E750 using uboot mode, I saw some behavior change on E750. That without VPN not it gives like around 15+ Mbps, but still the openvpn gives 3 Mbps max.

The same server on my flint AX1800 gives me more than 50+ Mbps.