Mudi - repeated SMS messages


I keep getting the SMS messages over and over again.
is there a way to confirm to the network operator that the SMS was received?

Thank you!

What kind of sms?

I think there is no need to reply to confirm, the carrier’s network should be able to deal with this already.

A miscall SMS that I received the first time at least couple hours before and a test sms that was for testing SMS forwarding.

So basically receiving old ones over and over.

It seems to me that the behaviour is the same as when you are out of network coverage and when you are back you get all the SMSes that you missed.

Don’t really know how SMS works, like if is send and forget or it requires some kind of receive confirmation.

You can verify that sms problem is not happen on your phone?

What is the Mudi’s firmware version and modem model?

What I can do is to send you a modem firmware upgdate guide.

Thank you!

I did an upgrade to 3.215 (I think I had 3.203) and the issue is gone now.

Funny, I checked before but maybe I was not patient enough cause there was no update available.

But after your post I checked again and tada! it was there.

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Ok, there was no issue with the firmware or Mudi itself.
The issue was idiocy :smiley:

I did not read the SMS Forward instructions and I was sending the SMS to myself. So I was the cause of it.

I thought I let everyone know in case someone else makes same mistake.


Thanks for your help, [alzhao]!


Thanks for the interesting story. It happens on IT world though.

You have not heard the best part.

I’m working in IT. :man_facepalming:
:rofl: :joy: :rofl: