Mudi, replace EP06 MiniPcie CAT6

Is it possible to replace the Quectel EP06 MiniPcie CAT 6 modem with another MiniPcie but with more features (a CAT-11 or a CAT-18 with higher speeds)?
Thank you.

If you plan to bui a card, you can look for a card:

  • which offer LTE and WiFi6 at the same card
  • or try to find a adapter from the offered slot to two cards.

Seperate cards are available:

  • some LTE cards from Sierra Wireless AirPrime
  • WiFi6, p.e Intel AX200 from Intel as M.2 2230, M.2 1216 and from Fewi as HMW card

LTE and WiFi6 combi card:

  • I didnt ever searched for (older tecnology like actual, I have seen as combi card in the past).

One HMW to two HMW adapter:

  • I didnd ever look for. It can be you will find on aliexpress like this.

Thanks for the offer.

I was thinking of buying this:

Telit LM960A18 LTE CAT-18 mPCIe

What I want to know is if it would work on the Mudi

Last time I payed about 14 or 15 USD incl. transport for Sierra 1N1FY, DW5808, MC7355 for replacing in one other device, depend update from up to 3G to up to 4G.
Thats is a 4G card which can run 50MBit up and 150 MBit download or like this.
I dont know about Mudi speed and you can replace or not.

Search the forums for other people that have other modules than the ones offered by GL. You can check the OpenWRT forums as well.

If you find someone that has got it to work, then you are fine. If you don’t, then there is a risk it won’t work.

The main thing is the module should communicate via USB on the mPCIe socket.

Thanks Johnex,
according to the manufacturer, yes, the Telit LM960 communicates via USB in the mPcie port.

What I fear is that there must be some software change. The truth is, I’m not an expert in this.

I will search and report in the forum as far as I go with this matter.

Just a quick look here:

They are saying it needs all 4 antennas connected, i guess to get the Cat11. That would mean you need 2 more antennas than the Mudi has internally to get the performance out of it. Might not even work without all 4.

Let’s say that for Mudi, the max speed we got from EP06 is 110Mbps. It is a pretty good speed.

It does not make sensor to upgrade the module again. Because you will not have better max speed. Think of 5G ac WiFi. It will not exceed 130Mbps in real testing. We have tried Sierra MC7455 CAT6 and speed is similar.

If you have ever tried netgear M1 CAT12 or CAT18 4G router, in reality you will not get much higher speed than Mudi.

Hi…I can perceive what’s going on however I don’t have a clue why or how to fix it. Alter : I do know why and how.

There is a contrast between the drivers connecting to a gadget and the switch distinguishing and managing the gadget.

In your logs the Sierra has drivers append to it 20 secs before the Telit has its drivers join. I accept this is a result of the postponement on PCie0 power up versus the USB power up.

In any case, the Telit is recognized by the switch 10 seconds before the Sierra.