Mudi - Replace wan card with mini pcie tv tuner?

I apologize if this has already been answered somewhere else but I’m trying to find some instructions to take apart the music so that I can replace the wan card. I did see some stuff from another post but not enough info that I feel confident enough taking it apart and not breaking something or shocking myself from the battery.

We don’t recommend you open it yourself because it’s hard to assemble.

As it’s a travel router, it would’ve been a nice feature to be able to swap out the mPCIe card without major disassembly. I’ve got the EU model, but what if I go to the US? I won’t be able to use practically any SIM card from there. In which case a swappable mPCIe card would make it much easier to be on the go.

Maybe for the next revision of the Mudi in a few years, you’ll take this into consideration? :slight_smile:

One problem by replace mPCIe WWAN by mPCIe TV card, will be, to find a mPCIe TV card. In the past, analogue and DVBT cards are used. Now in some countrys are used DVBT-2. I dont know one mPCIe DVBT-2 card. Analogue and DVBT(1) ara available on ebay and so on.

You can buy for a bug a USB DVBT-2 dongle and use on your pc. I can be its possible to connect the USB TV card by usb or by a usb to mPCIe adapter to a mPCIe slot. A it can be, the easy way is to connect the card directly to your notebook or buiild in your notebook by mPCIe to usb adapter. If you are looking for TV for your Handy, TVBT-2 cards for smaller Handy one usb are available on Ebay and so on too.

If you want to figure out some thing with your Mudi, you can look for a better WLAN or a better WWAN and think about is possible to pimp this a little bit or not.