MUDI screen issues


I just upgraded my Mudi to 3.201 0402. I haven’t used my Mudi for a while, i think i’ve upgraded from 3.100. It seems smoother, but thee the VPN screen doen’t work. If i turn on the VPN (either with the button or in the menu) the screen shows VPN OFF. Is there any way to make it work again?

And if i remember correctly with the 3.100 fw on the Mudi starting screen there was an icon for the turned on VPN. Now it is gone. Is it really gone, or i just should make a fresh install using UBOOT method?

Thanks any help!


Don’t know if will make a difference but have you tried going More Settings->Advanced ->MCU settings and try turning all the display items off, hit apply, then turn on the ones you do want to display and apply?

I’ve just checked it now. Unfortunately the VPN screen is still showing the as the VPN is off. VPN is turned on of course.

The button and the text are showing the VPN is off, but the ovpn profile name is shown at the bottom of the screen if the VPN is turned on, and not showing the profile name if the VPN is turned off.

Mmmm, uboot time methinks… :frowning:

I have the same issue. VPN will connect and is connected however the screen incorrectly says VPN OFF.

I am also missing the VPN screen icon too.

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I can confirm that this is a BUG and I fixed it in today’s firmware

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Thank you @luochongjun for taking care of it! Will the firmware available in your testing repository [link]? because now i get a “SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN” warning if i click your link (firefox), and i’d like to avoid any risk downloading a router firmware from such a place.

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please download openwrt-e750-3.201-0415.tar at here

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Thanks! It seems it’s working fine!

I downloaded and installed this on the Mudi, however this leaks the DNS. I downgraded to the original firmware which then stoped the DNS leak. Can this please be checked out?

Fixed dns leak