Mudi: Tor + Wireguard Possible?

Can the Mudi be configured to maintain two VPN client connections simultaneously (Tor+Wireguard)? For example, I could have VPN connection #1 (Tor) and VPN connection #2 (Wireguard). So say my Android phone will be routed through Tor and my iPad will be routed through the wireguard VPN? Controlled via vpn policy (i.e. mac address) or by creating two distinct wireless APs (2.4G/5G).

I think this would be very useful. is it possible?

You can do this, but you would need to consult the usual linux firewall rules and so on.
It is too complex to have in the simple UI, needs to be done manually.

Something like this might help:

Johnex, would you or anyone be interested in implementing this feature or writing a tutorial on how to do it? I would pay in advance a generous rate to compensate for your time plus you can share results of your work publicly to other customers.