Mudi's battery no longer charging

Yesterday I has the router charging and took it off. It died on my this morning and before leaving for work I plugged it in. Come to find out when I get home there is a X inside the battery icon on the screen and it seems like it no longer charges. Only had the device for a 3-4 months. Anyone know If this is a software issue or a hardware problem?

Can you reset the mcu of the router and chck?

Under the SIM cover, there are two two holes.

The big hole is labeled as reset. The small hole has no labelling. Use a pin to press the button in the small hole once.

If still do not work, may be just talk to customer service.

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This did work thanks. Why isn’t that labeled?

The big hole is reset, actually for openwrt system reset.

The small hole is MCU reset, which just reboot the system immediately. We decided not to label it. Now actually nobody asks. Only very few people had problems and needs to use this function. If we label MCU reset, which does not mean too much by itself. Some people may want to press it and confused why system reboot. When someone want to use reset button to reset network or system, they may be confused which reset they should use.

Makes sense. It’s always good to have a hidden reset when needed.