Multi zone wireguard?

Hi - big fan of gl-inet stuff…
I had a set-up originally for working from home, where I only needed 2 zones - I had a wireguard server at home, where my main boxes were, and a travel router wireguard client.
This worked excellently.
Now I have an office where my main boxes are kept., with a AC1300 WG client, connected to the wireguard server at home ( NAS/Source control system kept there ).
And I also have a travel router ( also AC1300 ).
I can access the home systems from both clients.
I’d like to be able to reach the office network from the travel router network ( and vice versa ) , but have been unable to work out the correct incantations to achieve this.
Has anyone managed to create this sort of setup ?
I’d like to keep the only WG server at the home location.

Maybe you can try the Cloud control S2S solution which is exactly for this purpose.

Otherwise, pls refer to this thread for manual setup

hi alzhao.
Thanks for the link - slight difference in that I’m trying to network three GL.iNet routers . :slight_smile:
Networking the two routers I had originally worked fine, now I’m trying to add a third ‘roaming’ router.
Are there any docs around this setup ?
Head office, remote office and roaming node(s) all networked together.

If you use the cloud managed solution, it works for many routers.

But for manual configurations, you need to understand how the route is added and maybe you can figure out by yourself.