Multipal wireguard servers

AX-1800 flint

  • Version4.5.0
  • Firmware Typerelease8

Is there a way to use multipal ports for wireguard server for maximum avaiablity or can I create two more wireguard servers listening on different ports? using [OpenWrt Wiki] WireGuard multi-client server automated
will it conflict with existing wireguard server ?

It’s possible, but only by using advanced configuration via SSH.
Any changes there might break (I am sure it does) the GL GUI.

The best way would be going plain OpenWrt then.

can I modifiy the exting conf and insert another config in order to use exting firewall rules? not sure how to fireup this config thou? – e.g.

config servers ‘wg_server1’
option fwmark ‘0x8000’
option ipv6_enable ‘0’
option client_to_client ‘0’
option masq ‘1’
option private_key ‘use same priv key so i modify only port on peer’
option public_key ‘use same priv key so i modify only port on peer’
option port ‘7777’
option access ‘ACCEPT’
option address_v4 ‘’

I would not bet that this config will be all. As I see in the linked post you need firewall and routing as well. So just adding some config won’t work.

well I end up forwarding wan multipal ports (e.g. 6666,7777,8888 udp) to wg server ip e.g. on 51820 - works fine with all ports e.g. 666,777,8888,51820 udp

Thanks for your help thou.