Multiple Public Static IPs

My internet service provider gives blocks of public static IP addresses. I want to set up GL Inet router as a Wireguard VPN server so I can have my own VPN and install this VPN on the client’s router and assign to each client’s router a public static IP from the block my ISP gives me.
Do I need to have any software install on the server to accomplish this? Or is there any tutorial to do this?

I would guess it needs manually afford because the router isn’t really designed for getting more than 1 public IP. So you might need to get deep into luci or maybe even SSH

From the default GUI of the router, this isn’t possible, I am afraid.

So you want to have a VPN server, And you want each one of your wireguard clients to exit a different public IP address?

This sounds like you’re trying to be a intermediate ISP.

you’d need a interface for each WAN IP, I think.
Then Your best bet would be to setup multiple WG servers each with it’s own GW as that specific WAN interface.

But there might be an easier way. I’ve never done this before.