Multiple VPNs at same time

Hi all,

I have recently acquired a barume 2, it is currently sitting behind the main router.

Barume 2 is connected to a unmanaged switch, the switch has two glinet router attached to it, one is the mango and the other one is ax1800 slate

Ideal vpn setup:
Barume connected to uk vpn (wireguard)
Slateax1800 connected to ES vpn
Mango connected to IT vpn

I would like to have the two routers mango and slate which are sitting behind the switch to work and to be connected to their individual vpn at the same time as the barume2, so I don’t have to change the vpn on the main router when I need the vpn from a specific country.

If i am connected to either the slateAX1800 or the mango I don’t get internet connection, it seems to work only if regardless of the router, only one vpn is up and running.

Am I missing something?


Are you using VPN services from the same provider?This may be restricted by the providers?Can you try to capture packets on WAN port and check if connection is refused by server?

Are you tunneling the ES and IT VPNs through the UK VPN?

Some providers might block that. I recommend to use different providers. Or use the client side VPN application of the provider.

I know that Proton and many other support multiple VPN-tunneling. But you will have to have to use their clients and select a predefined router.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes I am using the vpn on all routers are from the same provider, I will need to connect to the router web interface to check this, will do it tomorrow and let you know.


Hi, thanks for the info and replay. Yep ES and IT going through UK vpn, that might be why then.

To solve the problem I was thinking to connect the switch directly to the main router and connect the other routers directly to the switch, in that case i will have each router on a separate network and be able to have their vpn active and connect to it at any given time. I know the brume2 it is kinda wasted in this way but i think it will do for now. I could possibly get another subscription but wanted to keep using one to keep things tidy. I will have a look at some cheap option? Is there any services you recommend best for privacy and transparency wise?

Thank you,

FYI: You could consolidate your WG profiles if you were willing to flash a ‘pure’ OpenWrt on your Slate AX. Related: