Multiple Wireguard VPN Tunnels


I just purchased an AX1800 Slate and would like to run multiple Wireguard clients simultaneously:

Client 1: Wireguard tunnel to my home network, used to connect to devices

Client 2: Mullvad VPN for all other traffic

I’ve successfully configured both clients and am able to connect to each tunnel individually, but am unable to use both at the same time. Is it possible to activate both at the same time?

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I would love this too.

I need to run a PIA WG tunnel and my VPS WG tunnel.

I would also like to assign routing to use WGxx tunnel.

Flash stock/vanilla & install Stangri’s PBR. I have 4 WG tunnels running, routing.

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Yeah I know about that package but I was really hoping to have the gl ui around it :joy::pray:

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No way - not yet and possible not in near future.

Thanks, this is something that I’ve been considering for a while. Guess I’ll just go this route. I assume flashing vanilla is a pretty straight forward process? Any chance you can point me to a decent guide/tutorial?

I’ve also read that you might lose some speed with wg when you lose the optimization of the stock firmware. Is that something that you’ve encountered?

It might work with the gl firmware, try that first.

Stangri recommends if not requires nfttables for the most recent version of his PBR & I’m inclined to err on the side of caution when it comes to potential leaks. GL still uses iptables even on the OWRT 23.05 based Flint v2. @admon confirmed that little potential ‘gotcha’ a lil’while ago.


Yeah, it’s pretty stupid simple. For best results use the U-boot Debrick Method (see GL Docs, attached). You could simply flash using LuCI’s Sysupgrade function but you’ll defiantly have cruft & probably wasted space fr leftover GL binaries. I just finished helping another OP over in Iran flash their Flint v2 w/ OpenWrt 23.05 SNAPSHOT r24909-65f599223d using Sysupgrade. 23.05 works but again… mind the cruft.

Don’t use the Sysupgrade tarball with U-boot; that’s just gonna be a bad time. There’s a U-boot specific image.

You will be dumping the closed source SDK that GL uses so yeah, you may well hit a pref decrease… but on the other hand I read a report on this forum that a flashed Beryl AX, 300 Mbps WG GL advertised max was breaking ~500 Mbps WG… so who knows? You can always revert to GL by U-boot.

Full disclosure: my OWRT 23.05’s PBR is on a junker that can’t even break 110 Mbps down over WG. I use it as a jumpbox. The ER-X really isn’t a great device these days. My Slate AX acts as a WG gateway for everything else.

As all things in life, caveats apply. See related thread:


I’ve already raised that very thought w/ Zhao a few days ago. Let’s hope one day we see it… but until then we’ll have to take matters into our own hands it seems.

Cough cough @alzhao :face_holding_back_tears: can we have a UI built for PBR?

Does the Luci interface for PBR work for you?

I think based on the thread above PBRs reliance on nfttables is the bigger issue than just a UI change

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It’s not polished or somewhat easy to use.

Usually that is the case. A very complicated function is difficult to have a simple UI.

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