MV1000 Brume - network question

Hi lib, sorry… just seen your post.
This is actually pretty easy to do - once you know. Without the help on here though, I’d have been lost.
Mine is behind my router with DHCP turned off (router X.X.X.1 and Brume is X.X.X.2). I’m using it as a wireguard server and as DNS (ad guard with Cloudflare). My router points all network client to the brume for DNS.
Very happy with it and glad you got it working.

Hi Zibzab - - yes - - it works great… for a few days… and then it fails… I’m not sure exactly where it fails, though… I only know that my clients must all be re-installed …

what confuses me is that in order to get it up and running again, I must reinstall the client configs on each client device…

– also, I’ve noticed that on the server… the client configs have all changed… they’re all still in place… but the code is different, therefore they no longer work on the clients…so it’s a simple procedure… I just have to replace them (on each client)

Q: Why does the server, without warning, make changes to the client configs? Sometimes after a few hours; sometimes after a few days?.. I don’t have to do anything drastic to the server… but all the configs change… and I must replace them all on my clients… so strange.

(does that make sense?)

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I can’t see anything on the logs… (but I don’t really know what I’m looking for)
What am I doing wrong? How can this be avoided?
Hoping for a more stable server experience.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lib. I haven’t used mine now for over three weeks. Too unreliable.
Every time something happens, I have to reset and reconfigure!
I’ve since moved Adguard onto a Synology box, which seems to be much more reliable.
Thinking about getting rid of the Brume.

Yikes… (i thought it was just me…)
thanks for the response - best of luck with your solution.

As for me… I just installed the and am playing with it… hopefully when the Brume fails, instead of re-installing and reconfiguring… I can just log in remotely… (cautiously optimistic)

Thanks again.

I have no idea why it changes but it should not change by design

thank you very much…

I should mention that this is a secondary router where the WG Server sits (sub net?)… so I guess it’s a double NAT (?)… it must pass through the primary router on my LAN to reach the internet - I have an open port on the primary router to allow the WG Server to be reached remotely.


I think I have solved my stability problem… and since our setups seem to be related, I thought this might be of some help to you - - would you mind having a look at it?

The title is misleading as it wasn’t the “listening port” rather the “endpoint” address that was causing me problems… If by chance, this is a solution to your issue as well, then it would confirm for me that this is, in fact, the problem I was facing… I was hoping to put more eyeballs on the reason for my failure…

In any case, I hope the other post is helpful. Best wishes.

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