Mv1000 brume question

hi, im using the brume mv1000 as a repeater connected to a usb dongle alfa AWUS036AC.
im not connected to a vpn. and when i do the speed test with the mv1000 ive got 39.2Mbps download, and 22,1Mbps upload.
and with my main wifi : 91,9Mbs download, 113,3 upload.
is that normal ? is there a setting i can change to improve the debit with my mv1000 ? the dongle whos connected to the main wifi is very close to it, like 3 meters

Can you make sure your main wifi is 5G?

The dongle can be used in 2.4G or 5G. When using as 2.4G 39.2 is normal.

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oh i was thinking that 2.4g was faster than that. yes the dongle is in 5g but im using the wifi and not rj45 :frowning: