Mv1000 hidden docs faq

got my mv1000 in. wanted to check out ubuntu on it. saw git hub saying before prebuilt install and tossed a coin meaning required or not. since device had 512mb of openwrt storage I assumed the other 7.5gb of emmc storage was assigned to ubuntu being prebuit in already. I changed my lan ip to and then did a ‘switch_system ubuntu’ I found myself booting into another openwrt install at ipddress with 7mb of disk space an when I shell it a script keeps running a script reporting

Begin download from
Download failed. Try again!

system_switch openwrt does not take me back to gli-image

reset button not working.

might be nice to get a stop error message ‘ubuntu no there’ and requre a --force_anyway option on system_switch

gonna uboot but still intersted in whats happening here. thanks!

would love info on configs

Nothing hidden, you just have to follow the gl-inet github :smiley:

Make sure to read the instructions properly, and do a backup where it says in the guide.