MV1000 WireGuard Server Advanced Setting?

Setting up another MV1000 to act as a VPN (wireguard) server for a client. I saw that some other GLiNet devices now allow for more settings to be exposed in the front end. Things like PSK, allowed IPs, endpoint and DNS. Is that coming or am i missing a “advanced” toggle somewhere?

Yes. MV1000 needs to upgrade to 3.203. Pls wait some time so that it can release

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Is there an estimated timeframe? Otherwise might just flash OpenWRT.

Maybe just try snapshot GL.iNet download center

snapshot does not have those features either.

Sorry my mistake. The detailed config should be only available in wireguard client settings.

Thanks for sharing your query with us.
the simple way to guide for configure openvpn and Wireguard can be found in the advance settings. Immediately hit the F key to enter the U-boot mode and enter httpd to start the failsafe web server!