MV1000W: Repeater mode and WiFi don’t work

I have GL-INET MV1000W (Brume) with the latest firmware 3.105. I have been reading gl-inet docs in the past couple of days trying to connect the router to WiFi with no luck.

The router is connected to the provided power supply via usb-c. I connect the router to the laptop via Ethernet cable. I open the glinet’s web GUI, and in the repeater mode scan WiFi. The VPN is off and there is only one WiFi AP nearby. The WiFi signal is strong with good speeds without router. Following another post in this forum on a topic related to this, I disable auto-connect in the router in repeater settings.

When I try to connect the router to WiFi, the router rarely establishes a connection: Most of the time the router doesn’t connect to WiFi AP at all (printing time out or remaining perpetually busy). If I am lucky, once in a while the connection is established, and in this case, interestingly, the connection will be maintained. However even in such rare cases, if I add VPN the connection will drop, and now I won’t even be able to connect again without VPN.

Connecting USB-C in router to laptop also suffers from the same issue.

Sometimes GL-Inet WiFi is not even recognized by nearby devices (WiFi LED is ON).

The wired WAN Ethernet connection works fine. In fact, in this case, devices can connect with the router wirelessly. So it seems to be an issue between router and WiFi access point.

Rebooting and reset doesn’t help.

Is this WiFi issue known? What can I do?

Without WiFi connection the router is useless for travel. The WiFi seems dysfunctional.

I’m think reason in horrible wifi chip rtl8192eu. I bought two of these routers and have regretted it many times.

I advise you never to buy routers with realtek and broadcom chips