Mwan3 failover restore main route not working?

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying this on both ax1800 and axt1800 and I must be missing something.

I have a main WAN using ethernet ( Wan-A ), and a secondary WAN using tethering ( Wan-B ).

I configured Multi-Wan as failover, Wan-A has the highest priority.

I have also a wireguard VPN running on top of that.

Once in a while my Wan-A modem reboots for updates due to $ISP.

This cause a failover to Wan-B, so that is working fine. But when Wan-A comes back online, the router does not switch back to Wan-A and stays on Wan-B till I manually click disconnect tethering on the router dashboard ( or unplug Wan-B ).

When I look at advanced settings, and install Mwan3 luci plugin, I can see that my main WAN interface has “No interface metric set!” whereas the tethering has 30. I tried setting the metrics by hand in /etc/config/network but it does not seem to help.

Am I missing something ?

Is this expected ? Should I edit using Luci to add the metric on the missing interfaces ? ( wan, wan6, wwan6, tethering6 have no metrics set, tethering and wwan have one set ). Also when changing “Interface priority” on the GUI, and looking at interface metrics on MultiWAN Manager in Luci, there’s no changes whatever I do in the interface priority.

Thanks in advance !