My AX1800 Flint automatically was rebooted

It happen 2-3 times a day, and I could not figure out the reason why (103.9 KB)

Without any further information I would say the cable or one of the network ports are broken.

The log say ‘got no link’ is a hint, that some of the physical devices can’t hold the connection. The same as you unuplug the cable.
I don’t know if it is the first seconds after boot, than this is normal.

But if it is restarting, without any warning, it is mostly a power supply issue…

Two many dns rebind protection message.

Are you using vpn? Adguard home?

Hi, could you send a configuration backup to
downloaded at luci page System - backup/flash firmware, see following:

I guest there are some process consume a lot of memory causing system die.
could you check memory status by following command:



cat /proc/meminfo