My Dream: AR300M, CC/LuCi, Samba, OpenVPN Server

With the GL DNS Service; behind my home router.

I want a second AR300M with me in my hotel room, that I can VPN to my (reasonably anonymous, and free service) home 300M, and access my USB drive as personally owned cloud storage.

There is some issues here:

  1. Openvpn server on Mini router. I believe this is not very difficult to do but configuration is not as easy as one click. You need to generate some ca files etc and write a valid ovpn file.

  2. Samba work on the router. But if you have one router, with Samba running and USB drive plugged-in. Even if you connect to it via OpenVPN in a hotel, that doesn’t mean you can access samba from your devices in the hotel. The main problem is subnet and firewalls. The router’s openvpn work as TUN and TAP. Even worked as TAP, it means the router itself can access samba server in your home, but it doesn’t mean all your other devices can access the samba server. So seems you need to config openvpn directly on your devices, not the router.