My Wishlist

Pretty fast on wifi and features but here you have my wishlist for 4.1.XX release of the firmware.

From previous devices

  • Tor
  • captive portal


  • config to save logs in the memory card
  • third party ddns
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They will be released in version 4.1.

Log related feature will be optimized in version 4.2 or 4.3.

Can you specify which one you need?

Ddns like clouds, Dynu, freedns

Just adding onto the wishlist😄

Could Quad9 be added to the DNS over TLS server list?

I know you can add it manually by editing the stubby config, but that’s just not as user friendly & if you change the DNS, it’ll reset. Would be easier if it was just an option selectable in the dropdown menu :slight_smile:

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I want to pick up on this: config save to the memory card
I’ve had a similar request before: Add (config)profiles in the app. At this time I haven’t thought about the SD card …

For example: Put a file ‘default.conf’ at the root of the SD card. If the router is reset, the will boot and the first it will check ‘if there is a config in die root of the SD card?’ and load it.
The config could contain something like ‘multiple wlan ssid/key’, ‘changes in /etc/default/’, ‘path to VPN config file (also on root of SD card)’, …
The last one is tricky, because with configured SMB access the user get access to the configs …

We will check it.

We’ll discuss about that, but it’s not coming anytime soon.
In addition to the priority you mentioned, the difficulty with this type of requirement is that we need to deal with storage device ejection and insertion.
I think this is a very complex feature.

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Not a problem. I think I will use GL-iNet routers a little longer :wink:

Maybe you can set the path of the logs with System Page in LuCI?

Maybe you can try to use quad9 DNS over HTTPS? In 4.0, DoH has been improved even more.

I did think about that, however a board member of Quad 9 called it “an ugly hack

He also recommends to use DNS over TLS a bit further down in this comment section.

If you read that comment in full, it is just about its not-yet-standard status as well as the fact that it is “camouflaging” name resolution queries within regular HTTP traffic. Technically, it is not that much of a hack. From a security point of view it is equivalent to DoT. From a privacy point of view, it is certainly not worse than DoT either.

you could always enable AGH an leave your filter list blank and set your dns tls://

PLEASE add a selectable option so that VPN doesn’t persist after a power cycle (and/or reboot)!

This is a Travel Router, after all, and I’ve been bitten by not having connectivity because I’d taken the router to another location and forgotten the VPN was still on after a power cycle and can’t get past the captive portal. I can live with it being kept on during reboots, but cleared on a power cycle (i.e., a flag in RAM).

In your hypothetical, you’ll have to get into the interface to turn the VPN on after a power cycle - so it doesn’t seem to me like it’s substantially more effort to get there, turn it off, hit the captive portal and then turn it back on.

It would be nice, though, to have an option where you can hit the captive portal even though the VPN is “on” - accepting that there may be a little bit of traffic leak between the time you clear the portal and the VPN finally links up. In other words, leave the VPN turned on all the time, but have the router deal gracefully with the captive portal.

Understood, but it can be weeks between uses, and I’m sitting there in some new hotel wondering why I can’t get connected (and many CPs aren’t well-behaved in the first place) and I’m checking wiring, etc. then suddenly see the “VPN” icon in the top banner. Plus I rarely use the VPN (in fact, the only time I do is 'cause if I use my LTE provider, they like to downgrade Hulu/NF/Amazon/etc. so I use that to get full 1080p), another reason I tend to forget it was on.

Maybe make the “VPN” icon bigger, or red, or something like that?

Maybe make the “VPN” icon bigger, or red, or something like that?

In the 4.0 interface there is a yellow “idiot light” next to the VPN dashboard when it is enabled but not connected.

I agree that the VPN / captive portal handling could be a lot better. But having to re-enable the VPN every time you power cycled the router would be a huge pain, especially if you’re traveling in Europe where your router basically goes off every time you leave the room due to energy conservation.

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I would love a dashboard for client monitoring (bandwidth, most visited sites, etc) with graph’s (charts.js)
I would also love a monthly bandwidth tracker for the network, so I can see what I’m using each month.

Yeah. I wish the VPN Icon in the top bar were red, too.

I just want the VPN on/off to be tri-state: “On”/“On Until Power Off or Reboot”/“Off” ; i.e., a 3rd option to what we have now.