need assistance in french please and live

Hello good evening

I have configured a GLAR750 (Creta) for a specific need:
make access restriction on the guest network only : çad guest doesn’t have access to some sites via adblock lists and the QOS is configured so that downloading doesn’t take precedence over other uses.
I don’t know if this is clear.

  1. SSID and modified passwords
  2. DNS added those of Yandex and openDNS in safe and family
  3. configuration of the Guest network according to [OpenWrt Wiki] docs:guide-user:network:wifi:guestwifi:guest-wlan-webinterface
  4. SQM installation (configured on the Guest network only in cake and piece of cake), adblock and simple adblock: everything is checked + categories additions

and problems start with DNS resolution.
I’ve already re-routed the router at least 8 times and I’m encountering pb at the DNS level.
I ask myself several questions but I can’t find the answers to configure this router properly without creating DNS conflicts.

I need the assistance of a person in France who could help me remotely such or mail to fix my config because I’m a total neophyte.

I thank the people who will answer me and we’ll see how we get in touch if possible live.

Up the post for you.

Sorry I do not know how to do that and I am not in France.