Need help to compile ultimate hosts file


I want to add this files (uploaded to Proton Drive)

To my OpenWRT. Can anybody help me? How to add both of them? Does syntax OK?

Hi :wave:

syntax might be OK, not sure if is valid.
You need to add all these entries to /etc/hosts on your router.

I would not recommend it anyway. Go with AdGuard Home instead, if available for your device.

Is it possible to install it on Opal? I need to block such crap anyway.

Can anyone also help me to create auto update for this list?

You are right, the Opal does not support AGH.

Try to go with BanIP instead: [OpenWrt Wiki] banIP

No space unfortunately. After I install this lists several KB remaining n

I am trying to add them somehow directly to dnsmasq…

If you don’t have space for this, then importing 6 MB of data into host file won’t work anyway?
extroot maybe? [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration

No no, no space after importing:
scp -O -r hosts_raw root@

Try adguard dns and put your dns IP address in opal router :thinking: