Network authentication certificate on router?


I’ve googled and searched the forum here, but could not find an answer to my specific question.

I have access to a corporate network by way of a network authentication certificate (I believe it is called that) which has been installed on my devices (a laptop and a tablet). The devices connect to the network automatically, no captive page required.
What I would like to do is copying one of the certificates that now reside on my devices onto the router (possibly cloning the devices MAC address onto the router) so that the router (a GL-MT300N aka Mango) can pretend to be one of the authorised devices. I would subsequently connect any other device to the router. Is that doable? If so where should I put said certificate and what format does it need to have? I have looked around in the router’s setting, but I couldn’t see anything.

Thank you in advance for your help!

These are called EAP network. There are multiple authentication method. Most generally one is using username and password. Yours use certificate.

Never deal with certificate ones but if you want to try, pls choose AR750, AR750S which support EAP networks. Install Luci and try out the settings.

MT300N-V2, MT1300 does no support connecting to EAP network.

Thank you for your reply.

I wasn’t planning on getting another router, but I’ll think about it and will report back should I find out anything.

Just an interface of Luci to configure EAP for your reference.

Thank you.

Does that mean that the handshake (password and private key) needs to be performed separately by my company for the router or can I just drop a ready certificate (issued for a difference device) into this interface?

Sorry I don’t know the answer.