Network traffic

All the traffic( from my devices connected to my GL-A1300 goes through it, what I mean by that.
When I ssh into my other pc connected to another subnet of ips ( ← connected directly with the modem, it sees that my GL ip ( connects to it and not my PC( I’m not a lot into networks, but is that the right thing it is doing? I know local traffic it’s L2, everything communicates by Mac address and not by ip as on the same network

This indicates that NAT is active, which could happen if you simply integrate your router into some network which has an upper router as well.

To understand what’s going on you need to provide a network diagram with IP addresses

Sorry if it’s done bad

pc-server: modem → 192.168.1.*
GL: modem → 192.168.1.* , creating subnet 192.168.8.*/24
MAIN-PC: GL → 192.168.8. *

it’s very basic

Then it is by design. As soon as you “leave” the internal network through the WAN port you will end up with NAT.

To avoid this you need to utilize drop-in, extender or repeater mode. Or do some custom setup.

So mh, if I wanted to do the reverse thing, connect from my server to my main pc, what would I need to do? Custom port for ssh and port forward to my Main-pc?

This is something in GL options? Or I’m totally messing things up in my mind? I think I have seen it