New AR750s firmware...?

I noticed that the products’ “testing” folder contains a new firmware file named “firmware/ar750s/testing/openwrt-ar750s-wireguard-ipv6.tar” and dated Sep 11th 2020.

was trying to look around the forum and the release notes files but couldn’t find any mention to what it is based on and what it adds.

developers - PLEASE try and include some minimal release notes / change log with these files because you seem to choose not to follow numeral and sequential naming conventions so users can’t really tell what is what… and to those who say “just look at the modification date” i’ll answer that it means very little because we had situations in the past where “older” versions had “newer” dates.

and just so there’s no doubt - there are quite a few of us, users, here that have the experience and motivation to test your releases and provide useful feedback. most of us love your products and appreciate your support, BUT PLEASE help us by putting just a bit more order and logic to the firmware files’ organization and basic documentation :slight_smile:


This has been covered before many times. Since the firmwares in the testing folder are not release versions, there is no changelog for them. There is always a changelog for the release versions.

For testing versions the filename is telling you what has changed, as above it is ipv6 initial testing together with wireguard. Also the newest firmware date is the latest. Since they are also testing firmwares, some will have adguard, some will have new fixes, others will have experiments and tests of new functions.

The reason they are not sequential is because some testing versions might be stripped to just find bugs for a specific feature, and don’t contain usual features of the numbered ones.